About the Covington Royal Academy of Prestidigitators

Shawn Says:
April 10, 2009 at 3:38 pm | Reply edit

Here you will find CRAP reports and photos of our meetings.

The Covington Royal Academy of Prestidigitators was formed by Colonel Artie Kidwell in 1995. That’s when the Colonel opened The Magic Shop in MainStrasse Village, Covington Kentucky.Originally it was an informal group that would gather haphazardly after hours to discuss all things magic related. After a few years the shop moved, within the same building, to a larger space. This larger space allowed CRAP to have a regular meeting, Tuesday at 7pm. After another year or two, merchandise and more members forced us out of the Magic Shops’s backroom. Fortunately, Wertheim’s German Restaurant next door to the shop in the Mainestrausse Village, allowed us to meet in a backroom of the restaurant. That is where we meet now, every Tuesday at 7pm ish. We  don’t have rules, dues, or organization. It’s just a group of folks meeting to discuss/share their interest in magic. We do occasionally have lectures. Often have visitors and invite you to stop by any Tuesday your in the area. You can call the shop at 859 491-1313 to confirm but it’s not required.

CRAP Meeting ImageStop by Wertheim’s on a Tuesday night and you’ll find a group (size varies) of magicians sitting in the backroom sharing all things magic related.  Of course, here on our blog you can find out what happened at a meeting you missed or  what happened on the other side of the room during a meeting you did attend.  The meeting reports will be posted on the Wednesday following the meeting. So if you check on Thursday you can be confident it will have been updated.  All comments about this blog are welcome.  Announcements/Special Reports are updated infrequently but all CRAPpers can be notified by text or you can subscribe to this blog. To subscribe simply click on the entries rss link on this page.  Then you’ll be notified of updates to this page when they happen.

Please remember, most of the CRAP contained within these pages is made possible by the kindness and outreach of Colonel Kidwell and The Magic Shop aka ArtiesMagic.Com.


15 Responses to “About the Covington Royal Academy of Prestidigitators”

  1. Tom Wolf Says:

    It is very nice to read that there is a special place to share our beloved magic.

    Tom Wolf
    Creator of the Blink Shift and other original sleights.

  2. Mr Wolf it’s a pleasure to see you stopped by to check this out. As you can see, we just got this blog thing started. Hopefully it will turn into something worth checking out every week.

  3. Tom Wolf Says:

    Hi Shawn,
    Thanks for the nice welcome!
    Looking forward to meeting you all soon.

    Tom Wolf

  4. Hey, Shawn . so the site is lookin good cant wait to meet up again for crap

  5. This site looks great.

  6. joshua barrett Says:

    Hi shawn sorry not been around, iv been busy still or just sick (mostly sick all the time ) hope to be back soon

  7. theeyeofmad Says:

    You guys finally got a website. That’s pretty cool. I give it an 8 out of 10 Clubs.

  8. Holy CRAP

  9. You is taking care of all this CRAP.

  10. Who keeps up with the CRAP around here.

  11. Denny Taylor Says:

    Hey this is great !
    It’s good to see someone like Artie continuing in the tradition of
    Haines, Brewe, Pryor and the like, as far as doing something to
    keep interest alive in our area. I have never known Artie to be
    anything other than polite, cordial and helpful to anyone who
    shares the interest we all have in magic. Keep up the good work !


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