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4/28/09 Meeting

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This week’s CRAP in pictures! 

The "old guys table" 
OM Rich, Artie and Peter at the “old guys table”

We’re glad your feeling better Colonel Kidwell!

 "The old guys, after we told them they were at the "old guys table"!
“The old guys, after we told them they were at the “old guys table”!  Yeah, we think you guys are number 1 too!
Breylen, Josh, Forrest and Dave R
Breylen, Josh, Forrest and Dave R

 The new guys from last week Breylen and Forrest came back !


 Dave R and his magic case full of magic stuff!
Dave R and his magic case full of magic stuff!

Josh and his wife Amanda
Josh and his wife Amanda

It’s great to see you two back at CRAP!!!


Sir-Patrick...Trick is in the name!
Sir-Patrick  “Trick” is in  the name!




  Shawn and Larry

                                                                                                                      Shawn and Larry. Jon H was sitting in the empty chair.

Larry you need to CRAP more often!


o this week’s discussions included:

Computers, Ivan the Terrible, Card tecnique,

The World’s Greatest Illusionists (tv show),

Updated Glorpy etc.

Another CRAPpy Night!


4/21/09 Meeting

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John H, Rich M, Robert R, Breylen and Forrest 

L to R...Sir Patricks' red shirt Jon H, Rich M, Robert R, Breylen and Forrest

There were a number of early arrivals to our weekly meeting at Wertheim’s.  Unfortunately, the Colonel Artie was not feeling well and was unable to come to the meeting.  Before the magic really started  Bobby M told stories of his recent street magic visit to New Orleans.  Describing some of the antics of himself and other buskers in that city.  Based on the conversation Chad must have been with him for at least part of the trip.  Sir Patrick was dressed very fine for a CRAP meeting, it turns out he had just come from an emcee gig at the College of Mt St Joseph.  Rich M. brought John the Balloon Guy (from Texas) to our meeting.  John is in town for a few months doing some balloon artistry with Rich M.  John and some of the group caught up socially since John hasn’t been seen in these parts since last fall. A couple of guests stopped by.  Forrest and Breylen were admittedly very new to the magic scene.  They were anxious to learn and somewhat frustrated by the unwillingness of anyone to just tell them how the tricks were done.  Everyone in our group is willing to share but you have to have a working knowledge of the fundamentals first.  Otherwise you just have the secret but no ability to perform it.  Your welcome at our meetings anytime gentlemen. 

Dave R, OM Rich and John the balloon mann

Dave R, OM Rich and John the Balloon Man!

Dave R. showed a few new card effects he has been working on.  Some very impressive stuff.  Chad and Bobby worked with Breylen on some TT handling and some coin work.  Robert R, Sir Patrick and Jon H worked with Forrest with some card stuff.  Rich M seemed to plan on just socializing until Forrest found out about his memory work.  Then Rich demonstrated with a short 30 item list.  Then Forrest and Rich M.  got into a rather detailed discussion on memory systems.  

A good time was had by all and we agreed we be back next week.

Thanks goes out to Sir Patrick for bringing the camera.  Hopefully he’ll bring it again and next time we’ll get more than his shirt and polka dotted suspenders in the pics.

RIP “Uncle” Carl Stemler

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Uncle Carl’s Memorial Service was a fine tribute to a fine man. His family was kind enough to invite Uncle Carl’s magic family and that family was well represented. After some food and drinks were offered there was time for folks to talk and share stories, mostly about Carl Stemler.
Then Colonel Artie Kidwell performed SAM’s broken wand ceremony. No one could have given more meaning or respect to the words in that ceremony as Artie did as he led us in saying good-bye, for now, to Uncle Carl. After the ceremony, Artie shared a few fond memories of times with Carl. Following his lead Kenny Klosterman shared, then Shawn Dion, Harry Garrison, Bill Brewe and then Carl’s daughters Susan and Julie. Then Carl’s grandson and grandaughter added more memories. The evening wound down with a DVD of Uncle Carl doing magic at a family event. Carl Performing his version of the Prof’s Nightmare and cracking up the crowd (both on the dvd and in the room) with his version of Prof Cheers. A fitting reminder of the man most of lovinglycalled Uncle Carl.

Listing in no particular  order the magicians that were present. Bill Brewe, Harry Garrison, Kenny Klosterman, Chuck Arkin, Sean Owens, Bill Pryor, Pat Hartzel, Ron Calhoun, Patrick Thernes, O.M. Rich, Artie Kidwell, Don Hinton, Shawn Dion, Jon Huber, Ken Bierly, Donavan and Denny Metz.

If you missed the link at the top here it is again for Uncle Carl’s obituary.

There is a guestbook you can view and sign for the family

CRAP meeting 4/14/09

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We had 10 members and one late comer guest at our meeting this week.
Before any magic was shared Artie let us know “Uncle” Carl Stemler’s broken wand ceremony will be held on the 18th at 6pm. The ceremony will be performed by SAM Assembly 11 president Don Hinton. “Uncle” Carl was an original CRAP member and was active with our group as his health allowed. He once performed his “birthday party show” for us. He was a fountain of magical knowledge.  He will be sorely missed.
                                             RIP “Uncle” Carl.

Patrick T. looked a little worn out having recently closed his run as a pirate in Peterpan. O.M. Rich shared a story of meeting a 12 year old girl at a museum during his recent trip to Washington D.C. It seeems this young girl noticed O. M. reading a magic book and she asked him if he had a deck of cards. She then proceeded to display card skills beyond the average 12 year olds ability. It turns out her father is a popular DC magician. Rich said she was very talented. Dave R. shared some ring & rope moves with Shawn and John H. Shawn helped Dave R with a card sleight he needed for a card routine he is working on. John H challenged us with some of his “bar bet’ material. Most of it was very challenging. But then easy once you knew how.
After some coaxing by Rob L, Rich M agreed to show off some of his memory work. You should know Rich M is an advanced balloon artist, memory expert and a new age painter. He brought in some of his new paintings and we were all impressed. Back to the memory work. Rich M admitted his record was a random list of 226 items. Rob L wanted to see him break his record but the list took longer to make than expected, time was running short, so we settled at 156 items. After Rob L read the list to Rich M. We randomly said numbers correlating to the list and Rich M told us the item. Then he changed it up and we told him items and he told us the number. This was a little more challenging for Rich because the list was made by three of us and there was some duplication. He impressed us even more by telling us both numbers the items were listed. A tremendous feat Rich M!!!
John S. let us know he is working on his street act for Maifest in Covington next month. Hopefully, both John H and John S, will be ready to do their stuff! Shawn D will be there doing his thing, come on guys if he can do it, you can do it!
Robert R introduced us to his friend Colette. We hope she can return.
The night ended early because Jewel one of our favorite waitresses at Wertheim’s had to visit her husband in the hospital. Jewel’s husband had open heart surgery on Friday and was just let out of ICU.
Our thoughts and prayers are with Jewel and her husband.
Barring any major event our next update will be a report on “Uncle” Carl’s get together on Saturday.