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5/26/09 CRAP Meeting

Posted in Old CRAP on May 27, 2009 by Shawn

There were twelve CRAppers on hand to witness Chris Wyllie of demonstrate his latest creation. 

After a card has been selected and returned.  A pager is introduced (it could be introduced earlier before the selection).  A few cards are tossed onto the table, in a row,  by the magician.  The  pager,   displays the message ” stop this is your card” as  the spectator  passes said pager over the row of cards.   Then it displays the name of the choosen card!    Interesting key points.  You can use any deck, the spectator is holding the pager throughout.  The “selected” card isn’t always the same.  No assistants or stooges.  A clever device that will work it’s way into a few  CRAPper’s act.  Wyllie mentioned the upcoming ad campaign in Genii magazine.  Also, having it available for the Abbots Get-Together this August.     Nobody mentioned to this writer the name of this new creation.        I’ll update when I get that info.

Chris shows Colonel Kidwell the display area of his latest creation.

Chris shows Colonel Kidwell his latest creation.

There were a few suggestions thrown out for Chris’s consideration by the group.  At least one I’m sure he will incorporate into the design.  Following that there was a casual discussion about Chris’s magical/creative background.  Chris told of blowing all the fuses out in his parents house when he was only 4 years old.  I think he said it was from reconfiguring the wiring in a can opener or maybe it was a blender.  Either way, his electronic wizardry and creativity developed very early. 
Ron C and Roibert R listen as Chris weaves his tale.

Robert R listens as Ron C.  asks Wyllie questions.  

Peter S also listens to the tale!
Peter L also listens

Also, present but  not pictured for this weeks activities were (in random order), Sir Patrick, Jon H, Bill and his father, Dave R, Sonny and Shawn D.

It was great to see Bill and his father back at our meeting.  Bill is a high school student that has the triple whammy of skill, showmanship and creativity. He is also the only CRAPper to attend Jeff McBride’s Mystery School. Unfortunately, he and his father had to leave right after the demo so we didn’t get to catch-up on his magical activities.  Also, after the demo, Dave R worked with Sonny on some card magic.  Sir Patrick and Jon H. discussed plans for an upcoming trip to Las Vegas.  There was discussion about Kreskin’s recent televison appearance.   Also, other magicians televison appearance earlier in the day were discussed .  Then we all discussed rainbows and leprechauns.  Trust me you shoulda been there. 
Well that’s all the CRAP for this week!
We hope to see you there next week!

New Magic to be introduced at CRAP meeting 5/26/09

Posted in Special Reports on May 21, 2009 by Shawn

Special Reports doesn’t have to be only about the frailities of life.
So, veteran (if intermitent attendee) CRAPper Chris Wylie of Light Power Magic has promised to come and demo his latest creation at our 5/26/09 meeting ! Coming from the mind that brought us, The Perplexing Pen, Sensational Perception, Change Exchange, Snap Box… I’m sure it will be worth the trip!

Josh’s Cellulator Performance video

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CRAPper Josh sent us a link to his cellulator performance.
Enjoy! Thanks Josh!

Brewe Update

Posted in Special Reports on May 20, 2009 by Shawn

The latest news from Artie. Therapy is focused on Brewe’s  right leg and the therapy seems to be working.

5/19/09 CRAP meeting

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Attending this weeks meeting were Bobby M, Sir Patrick, Rob L, Robert R, Jon H, Sonny and Shawn D.   Alas, Artie and Peter were there earlier but had to leave before the 7 o’clock meeting time.

The Colonel
The Colonel


              No new photo of the Colonel so here’s one from last week.  Not looking bad for having “birthed” a kidney stone earlier in the day. Unfortunately no picture of Peter is available for this week.










Bobby regaled us with stories of the road.  Police encounters and rip-off mechanics.








Jon H. and the back of Robert R's head

Jon H. and the back of Robert R's head



Jon H shared some about his Maifest “street” shows.  Also an update on the  upcoming SCARE-FEST  activities.  Jon is on the Scare-Fest commitee.




Rob L and Sir Patrtick

Rob L and Sir Patrick



CRAP is more interesting when Rob L shows up.  In addition to being a magician he is an avid Civil War re-enactor.  Apparently he is also studying the Cherokee Language (he had a booklet with his stuff).





Sonny demonstrated something he recently saw.  A Charlier Force. 
Well, that’s all the CRAP fit to print for this week.  Please be sure to stop by our meeting when your in the area.  

Brewe Update

Posted in Special Reports on May 20, 2009 by Shawn

The latest word, Bill’s stroke has impaired usage of one of his legs. Mental faculties, speech etc. are apparently unaffected.

Brewe moved to Drake for Physical Therapy

Posted in Special Reports on May 16, 2009 by Shawn
Saturday, May 16, 2009 3:03 PM

Our wandering correspondent Sean Owens has informed us that Bill has been transferred to Drake Hospital.

Sean says he’s doing pretty well.