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Jeff McBride VMS

Posted in Special Reports on June 27, 2009 by Shawn

At Jeff Mc Bride’s upcoming Master Class on June 30th from 8pm to 11pm (Pacific Time), he will be experimenting with creating a “virtual magic school.” The VMS will be available for you to participate in!
His virtual Mystery School will feature a cam chat room, so they can help you one on one and in small groups, learn some of the secrets that they share with their students here in Las Vegas. The internet is bringing people together around the world, and they are happy that they can open their School to those who cannot make the journey to Las Vegas at this time.

Tuesday June 30th at 8pm Las Vegas time
Go to 

group_fav1Even if you can’t make McBride’s event this is an interesting magical website.


6/23/09 CRAP

Posted in Old CRAP on June 25, 2009 by Shawn

Well, this weeks meeting had the Colonel and Chad discussing a wide variety of topics, performance style ethics related.    

We had OM Rich and Shawn discussing their recent trip to the Kentucky Speedway.  Leaving Dave R, Dennis and the new guy Spencer to delve into Dave’s case and explore the many wonders found inside.  I’m not sure Dave R has ever tried to figure it out but there has to be over 90 minutes worth of close up magic in that brief case he carries.

 Unfortunatley for Jon, he was at the race discussion table.  Shawn saw him more than once look longingly at the magic table but alas he was stuck.  Fortunately for all, OM Rich finally left.  Shawn joined in the magic discussion as Jon got ready to leave for a night of darts, debauchery and karaoke. 

This weeks meeting still finds Sir Patrick in Rapid City, South Dakato.  He sent his “hi’s” to everyone via a text message.  Also, promising to bring us all back some South Dakota gifts.

As mentioned, magic was shared by Dave R again from his plethora de magi case.  Spencer shared some card stuff.  It’s obvious he has put some work into developing his skills so far.  Keep it up Spencer and please come back often.  Shawn did some card stuff.

Notably absent from this weeks meeting was Josh and Amanda! 

Well, once again that’s another week of CRAP.  As always your welcome to join in any Tuesday night at 7ish Werthiem’s  in Covington, Kentucky.

Brewe Update

Posted in Special Reports on June 18, 2009 by Shawn

The Colonel tells us Bill is home.  Using a walker to get around, otherwise doing  well.

6/16/09 CRAP Meeting

Posted in Old CRAP on June 17, 2009 by Shawn

Well, summer time is in full swing and this weeks meeting was lightly attended.  There was Peter, The Colonel, Jon, Sonny, Josh & Amanda and your scribe Shawn.  Fortunately, the lighter attendance did’nt affect the amount of magic shared. 

Sonny was in full military Marine dress.  Unfortunately, that was due to his attending services for a fallen soldier. We’re glad you stopped by Sonny and we thank you and all our military personnel for what you do.  Please, understand as a group, we support our troops regardless of our individual feelings towards any particular military action. 

Josh shared with us the great news he has been called back to work and he has a new car.  So that, he and Amanda will be able to CRAP more regularly.  Peter and Josh had a disussion of website hosting and the abilty to update pages.  This is the kind of work Josh does and he gave all of us some better insight to website design.

Additionally, speaking of Josh, he started the magic off with a John Bannon card effect that he had purchased from The Magic Shop.  It was a very clever effect and done well.  Josh , Jon and Shawn then discussed various displays, mostly flip out moves, of a selected card.  Pixel a “new” rubberband display was also discussed.  Jon practiced his card counting apparently practicing more for his and Patrick’s upcoming Las Vegas trip than for traditional magical purposes.  Speaking  of Sir-Patrick, he is somewhere in South Dakota visiting family and then the  Black Hills. 

Back to the magic as Amanda took pictures Josh, Jon and Shawn discussed, rather in depth, the Magic Cafe discussion about the “three fly” coin trick.  Josh has a lot of knowlege of the history of this effect and Josh is a regular poster on the Cafe.  Shawn commented that on the rare occasions he has lurked on the Cafe, there appears to be a lot of  bickering and grandious egotism.  It seems diversity of opinion is not always welcome there, according to Shawn.  Then, the discussion went on to Dean Dill and a few of his products that Josh has owned. 




Special thanks to Josh and Amanda for providing our pics this week


Well, that’s all the CRAP that’s fit to “print”.  We hope sometime soon you’ll be able to come to a meeting.  Until then, please visit our myspace page and be a virtual CRAPper.

6/09/09 CRAP

Posted in Old CRAP on June 10, 2009 by Shawn

Sorry for the delay here ya go….

Once again the Colonel left the meeting before the official 7pm starting time.  Man, he’s a busy fella.  Taking with him Bill, Bill’s Father and  Peter L !  So,   by the time your humble correspondent arrived at 7:02pm only the smaller group was left, Sir Patrick, Sonny, Jon H, Ron C and later OM Rich. 

Sonny showed Shawn an issue he had with with Hopping Halves set, too loose.  Shawn showed Sonny a quick fix to tighten things up.  Then, Sonny brought out an assortment of escape props.  Classic chain, handcuff and rope.  After a discussion of  presentation order,Sonny refused to do all three at the same time, Ron C did his version of the “shoelace knot”.  Then Shawn did his version.  Ron and Shawn worked with Sonny refreshing his memory on how to tie that knot.                                                                          

Jon H and Sir Patrick discussed there magic show agenda for their upcoming Vegas trip. Of course Lance Burton and Mac King (not only do they both do a great show but their both some of Kentucky’s Finest).  They also said they planned on seeing Nathan Burton and possibly the Amazing Jonathan.  The trip is a few weeks away but I’m sure they will have a great time.
There was a brief but interesting discussion about how magic means different things to different magicians.  Those that are involved only for self entertainment.  Others that enjoy showing a few tricks to friends and family.
There’ the part time hobbyist, making enough money from shows to support their hobby, and of course, the full time pro.  Our group recognizes and welcomes everyone no matter what level of interest they have.  This weeks meeting even with the smaller group represented all of the levels mentioned.
This weeks pics are set up slightly differently.  They are thumbnails.  So, just click on any pic you would like a closer look. 
Thanks for visiting, we hope to see you at one of our meetings soon.
Until next week May all your CRAP be happy CRAP!

CRAP on MySpace

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Special thanks to Jon H for doing such a great job on this!!!

6/02/09 CRAP Meeting

Posted in Old CRAP on June 3, 2009 by Shawn

Chad Ballyhoo

Chad Ballyhoo

This weeks meeting started with  a performance by Chad Ballyhoo

Robert R, Sir Patrick, Colonel Kidwell, Bill and his Dad watch Chad

Robert R, Sir Patrick, Colonel Kidwell, Bill and his Dad watch Chad








Peter L watches Chad

Peter L watches Chad








Robert R and The Colonel listen to Bobby
Robert R and The Colonel listen to Bobby

 A practical joke story by Bobby. A tale of practical joke revenge.  

A quick trip over to the magic shop by Bill, his Dad, and Colonel Kidwell.   In depth stories about Kings Island Amusement Park by our resident expert (and Kings Island employee) Robert.  Sir Patrick also told us about the girl ghost he saw on the train ride when he was working the Halloween Haunts at Kings Island.  There other tales of other ghost sightings around the park. I believe I heard wheels spinning  in Jon’s head,  he is the leader for THINK, The Hauntings Investigators of Northern Kentucky.

  Dave R was on the quiet side on this night. 

Sir Patrick and Jon H had a discussion of their plans for an upcoming trip to Las Vegas

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Special thanks to Jon for being our photographer this week!

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