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News from Ron Calhoun

Posted in Special Reports on July 22, 2009 by Shawn

Very sad news, Broken Wand, Martin Nash.

One of the true legends of the Magic Family, Martin Nash, known as The Charming Cheat has just died.


7/21/09 CRAP

Posted in Old CRAP on July 22, 2009 by Shawn

Well, this weeks CRAP had a number of surprises.  First, Larry, who hadn’t CRAPped in a while showed up.  He shared tales of a recent “show” at a local nightclub.  In this case, it being Larry, his “show” was not for financial gain  but  an ice breaker to meet new people.  Larry demonstrated his “connecting”  techniques.  He claimed great success, obtaining the phone number of a particularly attractive female.  Jon H showed Larry the KISS card and Larry proclaimed that would be perfect for his future endeavors.

Another surprise was a couple of visitors.  Mike and Jake, from Lexington and eastern PA respectively, came by to enjoy the festivities.   They are very new to the performance of magic having stopped by The Magic Shop earlier.  Mike is a lawyer and Jake is his nephew.  After a brief introductions, everyone took advantage of the new audience and performed a little magic for our guests.  Shawn did a few card tricks (with a borrowed deck).

Sir Patrick did a mentalism effect with three pieces of paper and a pendulum.  Mike wrote down two true things about himself on two of the pieces and a lie on the last piece.  Folded them and placed them on the table.  He then mixed them up, so even he didn’t know which slip was the lie. Then somehow Patrick without being able to read the writing or having every met Mike before using a pendulum, devined which slip was the lie.  Then Larry did some sponge ball magic.  Jon did Color Monte and a few card tricks.

Then came the biggest surprise.  O.M. Rich actually, successfully, correctly performed a ring and string trick.  Now, O.M. claims he’s been working on re-remembering this trick for a month.  I don’t think that’s accurate but,  O.M. actually did a trick for our guests!!!

The final surprise Josh and Amanda were absent.  Josh?  Amanda?  We missed you.

Finally, the Colonel was unable to attend due to an important matter in Dayton, Ohio.

Thanks for checking out our CRAP, until next time…

7.14.09 CRAP

Posted in Old CRAP on July 15, 2009 by Shawn

Unfortunately, our crapblogger was unable to attend the latest meeting.  Apparently, Colonel Kidwell, Peter, Patrick, Jon, Spencer, Josh, Amanda and Anthony were there.  Spencer and Anthony worked with Josh on some coin work.  Also, based on a phone message I believe John the balloon guy made it too!

Colleen our waitress is going back to school, so a new waitress experienced CRAP for the first time.

I apologize for less than a complete report, it couldn’t be helped.

I’m sure there will be a better report for next weeks meeting.

Thanks for checking out our CRAP!

CRAP Meeting 7/07/09

Posted in Old CRAP on July 8, 2009 by Shawn

Another great load of CRAP was served up to all that cared to participate this week.  Unfortunately, the Colonel was absent, nursing a sick friend (all our best Nancy xxoo!!)  This meeting coincided with Josh’s birthday.  Amanda made a cake to celebrate the occasion. So everyone got a piece of very good cake.  Happy B-Day Joshua!  We’re glad you chose to celebrate it with your CRAP family.

If you count the fingers you'll find Josh's age!

If you count the fingers you'll find Josh's age! (27 years OLD)

Our own Sir-Patrick told us he has been appointed special advisor to newly elected SAM Assembly 11 president, Kenny Klosterman.  Sounds like it will be interesting.

There was a lot of magic shared this week.   Peter had done some street magic earlier in the evening.  He showed us his 3 ball routine which we videoed for future posting.  Using a table that Bobby seemed fascinated by.  Actually, the flange is what seemed to be the focus of Bobby’s attention.         Sorry, I had a individual chuckle, writing a sentence that has Bobby, focus and attention in it.  Next  time you see Bobby ask him his definition of ADD.

Bobby also mentioned a coin gaff coming soon to his website.  He showed us a sample and Josh did a coin matrix with it on Peter’s table.  Well done Josh!  There was also a discussion of card scaling.  As Jon H showed his prowess at one handed scaling.  As Bobby and  Rob L tried to catch them.  Apparently the angle Jon had to use to scale the card made catching difficult.

We had a visitor from Missouri.  Gene Turner had contacted the Magic Shop earlier in the day and the Colonel invited him to CRAP.  Gene is a magician specializing in picket pocket entertainment.  He demonstrated his version of the “Three Card Monte”.  Then some sponge ball magic with our waitress Colleen.  Laughter and amazement abounded.  Gene then demonstrated his watch steal.  Having found himself in a room full of non-watch wearing magicians, he provided one for Bobby.  He wanted to demo it with Shawn but Shawn’s wrist are above average in size.  The steal and the reveal was truly impressive.  Thanks for visiting and sharing Gene.  Your always welcome to CRAP.

Anthony was there, he demonstrated a coin changing routine was nice to see.  He had apparently been doing a little street magic earlier in the evening as well.

A few of the guys went over to the Magic Shop, Dave R. had a special order that had come in.  He enjoyed Royal Scam that Josh had done at the last meeting.  Now he has it too.

Once again, that all the CRAP for this week. Your welcome to a meeting any Tuesday night 7ish.  Additionally, your comments about this blog are encouraged.

CRAP Meeting 6/30/09

Posted in Old CRAP on July 1, 2009 by Shawn

Well as cliche as it may sound, “there was magic in the air” during our weekly CRAP meeting.  Spencer the new guy from last week came back.  Anthony was the new guy for this week.  Overheard during their conversation, Spencer is “more cards than coins” and Anthony is “more coins than cards.”  So,  Anthony and Josh spent some time discussion coin stuff with Jon.  Spencer and Jon and Anthony shared come card production manipulation ideas/variations.  From what I saw both Spencer and Anthony have put some work into honing their skills.  Good work guys!!!

Sir Patrick was back from his South Dakota vacation.  He had pictures of MT Rushmore and cow dung.  It’s Sir Patrick, he’s kinda eclectic that way. He shared a few stories of his trip.  Including a visit to what is probably South Dakota’s only magic Shop.  Sir Patrick told us he did Bill Pryor’s Impossible Dream for the owner of the shop.  Afterwards the owner said “that’s the best us of a TT, I’ve ever seen”.  Apparently, not all magic shop owners are as knowledgeable as our own Colonel Kidwell.

Then Sal Piacente showed up and demostrated a couple of “mentalism” type things.  One with cards and another with 3 bills of different denominations.   Josh assisted with the card effect and Spencer assisted with the bill effect.  Both effects were done perfectly (to no surprise, it is Sal).  Sal took an envelope out of his pocket put it on the table and stated it was a prediction.  He gave Josh a deck of cards, told him to deal them face up on the table and stop anytime he wanted.  Josh stopped on the Jack of Heart (I think).  Sal cleanly picked up the envelope, dumped out the one card inside, it was the Jack of Hearts.   As the guys attempted to figure out the methodology Sal went and dinner, on the other side of the restaraunt with his family.  He then came back and tipped the card effect.  No divulging here, but suffice it too say Sal has upped the ante (no pun intended) on sheer boldness. 

For the bill effect, he turned his back after putting a prediction under the salt shaker.  Spencer had a choice of 3 bills of 3 different denominations.  Sal instructed him to pick up a bill put it in his front pocket.  Pick up another bill, put it in his back pocket.  Pick up a the last bill and crumble it up in his hand.  Needless to say the prediction on the table listed the correct location for all three bills.

Sal did not tip the bill effect . He did say he would be out of town next week but he would be back at CRAP in two weeks. 

Josh commented on how he likes this blog, to find out what he missed.  Like when he missed last weeks meeting, thanks Josh, I appreciate thepositive feedback.

Dave R opened his plethora case and did some card stuff, that he claimed was “self working” it still  fooled those watching.  Good stuff Dave!  By the way, Rob L has often commented about Dave R looking like Harry Blackstone Sr.  Dig up a photo of Harry, compare it to a photo here and let me know what you think.

Josh did a detective type sandwich effect.  The two red jacks locating the selected card.  It’s okay, Josh no one else needs to know.

We haven’t had a picture of our lovely waitress Colleen lately so, Spencer did a card trick (Chicago Opener) for her.  Jon took pictures and now she’s on the page again.


Well, once again that’s all the CRAP fit to print.  Thanks for stopping by, visit with us some Tuesday.  Till next week may all your CRAP be happy CRAP!