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CRAP 9/08/09

Posted in Old CRAP on September 9, 2009 by Shawn

Once again CRAP was in the air!!!   There was card magic shared, flourished, mental 3 card monte…  Coin stuff with AJ and Spencer.  Todd and Shawn remembering some of the old days in the Cincinnati Counts of Conjuring (both were members in the 1970’s.  Robert R came back, we haven’t seen much of him since Kings Island opened, he works there.  Bobby and Sonny were also there.  Bobby and Artie left before the camera was brought out.  We need to get a group photo that includes them also.  Since Artie started this CRAP back in 1995 he should definitely be in the group photo, he’s the chief CRAPper.  Speaking of photos there are more photos of our attempt to get a “serious” group photo at our myspace page, check it when you get a chance.

Thanks for stopping by, til next time  may all your CRAP be happy CRAP.


Doc Eason Lecture 9/13/09

Posted in Special Reports on September 5, 2009 by Shawn

Doc Eason is lecturing in Middletown, Ohio on 9/13/09.  Shawn has the info and is planning a carpool to see him.  It costs $10.  Those of you that would like to go contact Shawn either here on the blog or call him at (859) 466-0175.

CRAP 9/01/09

Posted in Old CRAP on September 4, 2009 by Shawn

First,  I must apologize for neglecting my CRAP reporting.  The month of August was very hectic for me personally and unfortunately our blog suffered.

This weeks meeting was full of magic and frivolity.  AJ the Magic man returned for his second meeting making him the newest CRAPper.  He’s a young man that recently moved to our area from Florida.  He’s eager to share his knowledge and learn so it fits right in with our group.  Todd Simpson has been coming to the last few CRAP meetings.  Todd was a member of the Cincinnati Counts of Conjuring back in the 70’s (along with Shawn Dion).  Todd lived in California back in the early 80’s and hung with Kevin James and the Magic Castle Group.  His magic skills by his own admission are a little rusty but we are trying to bring him back up to speed.  Todd is an excellent performer/entertainer and we look forward to his showing us some stuff!!! Spencer has become a regular CRAPper and seems to be gathering knowledge and advice as he ventures to the next level of performing.  He has an amiable personality and thirst to learn the secrets behind the tricks, the secrets to entertaining , not just fooling people.  Jon H, Rob L, David R, Larry and Sonny were all also at this weeks meeting.  AJ brought  a couple of card tricks to share and a few books for us to glance through.

Remember, you can be a friend of CRAP by joining our myspace page, maintained by Jon H.  Additionally, while your there, you can check out more photos from our meetings.  Thanks for checking out our CRAP and see ya next week