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Ron Calhoun performing at SAM meeting

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Sir Patrick performing SAM Assembly 11 meeting

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Sir Patrick

CRAP 3/23/10

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This weeks CRAPpers were Colonel Kidwell, Todd S, Robert R, OM Rich, Rob L and Shawn D. Patrick stopped by before the meeting but then had to rush off to his play rehearsal at the College of Mt St. Joseph. Bill Pryor stopped by for a few minutes and showed us his latest creation with magic hats printed on play cards with a surprising rabbit appearance.
Shawn D also mentioned the Special Report he posted over the weekend check it out for a good laugh.
Rob L shared the story of his recent car accident. While coming back from Bardstown Kentucky after an Indian re-enactment event he totaled his car. Rain slicked roads help put him into a guard rail and then into the oncoming lane. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured, but I think a little girl (a passenger in the other car) has emotional scars that may never completely heal. You see, as I mentioned Rob was involved in an Indian event. Rob was dressed in full Cherokee garb, including face paint. When Rob got out his car to check on the people in the other car… Well, the little girl seemed more concerned with the Indian than the accident. Once at the hospital Rob garnered more than his fair share of attention as he overheard from nurses in the hall, “Did you see the Indian in room 4?”. Numerous members of the hospital staff came by to do “busy work” just to see the Indian in room 4. Of course, Rob’s dad rushed down to the hospital in Louisville, to see his son. Rob’s father often wears a cowboy hat. This occasion had Rob’s dad wearing his cowboy hat as he checked on his “Indian” son in room 4. Then Rob once again heard folks talking in the hallway now the question was… “Did you see the cowboy and Indian in room 4?” We are all glad to know Rob’s doing fine and glad he was able to come to CRAP!!!
Todd S has been diligently working on The Magic Shop’s new website. Artie has pulled some of his vintage magic from his attic and it will be listed here soon. Additionally, Artie has acquired a few items from another magi’s collection also soon to be listed on the site, check it out when you get the chance.
So, until next time CRAP on!

A good laugh!!

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I hope you enjoy this video !!!

Is there lesson here? As performers, we can look at this and consider what we would do if this happened during one of our shows. The performer in this case “shared the stage”, unexpectedly, and by being in the moment, created a truly wonderful, magical moment for everyone.

CRAP 3/16/10

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Well… this weeks CRAP meeting was lightly attended. Colonel Kidwell, OM Rich, Shawn D and later Jon H were the only attendees. CRAP is like that you never know who is going to be there. But this weeks meeting was historical because OM Rich actually performed a magic trick! It was a Jay Sankey creation that OM actual practiced and performed, historical indeed! Good job OM!!! Shawn worked with OM on a mental three card monte that OM wanted to re-learn and practice. Jon H showed up after the Colonel had to leave. Shawn showed Jon the devil’s elevator trick and taught it to Jon. OM commented on quickly Jon is able to learn a new trick as Jon easily learned the steps involved in doing this fun trick.
If you haven’t heard CRAP has it’s own t-shirt! Designed by fellow CRAper Dennis M. this shirt is available for a limited time, check it out here.
Todd S has been redoing The Magic Shop’s website, check it out when you get the chance. Great job Todd!
You can become a CRAPpy friend at our myspace! Jon H maintains this page for us.
Until next time, may all your CRAP be happy!!!

CRAP 3/09/10

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CRAP for this week was enjoyed by Ron C, Dave R, Patrick T, Bobby M, Shawn D, OM Rich, Robert R and his friend Jordan. Sonny stopped by for a brief visit. Of course our illustrious leader Colonel Kidwell was there too!!! The Colonel talked a little of his recent visit south to help a fellow magi with his collection (more to follow in a few weeks). Shawn showed the “Devil’s Elevator” to a few people that missed him doing it last week. Sonny showed his Elmsley Count is getting better. Patrick shared a little info about the upcoming performance at the downtown Masonic Lodge. Three local magicians, Donovan, Bill Pryor and Jason the Great are scheduled for this event in May (again details to follow). Due to rain, Sonny wasn’t able to demonstrate his fire eating skills for us (oddly Jewel our waitress at Wertheim’s, would not allow us to light torches in the restaurant…. Dave R whipped out his case-o-magic and showed guest Jordan a few things magical. Well, that’s few of things that happened at CRAP this week. Till next time as Ron C commented on our “about” page, “holy crap”!!!

CRAP’s new T-Shirt now available…

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The new CRAP t-shirts are now available. After much planning and discussion the Academy is pleased to announce the arrival of the new club t-shirts with the CRAP logo silk screened both on the front and back. Show the world your support of the Covington Royal Academy of Prestidigitation by investing in and wearing our new high-quality shirt. Currently available at The Magic Shop at a cost of $25, this shirt makes an excellent gift for magicians and laymen alike. Please support CRAP magic by stopping by the magic shop and getting yours today. Supplies are limited…

New CRAP T-Shirt