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CRAP 04/06/10

Posted in This weeks CRAP on April 8, 2010 by Shawn

Well it was a light load of CRAP this week. The Colonel was ill, Patrick had play practice, Robert has a new job that has him working during CRAPtime, Rob is still dealing with his insurance company to replace his vehicle…
So Todd, OM Rich, Jon and Shawn were the group for the night.
Lance Burton leaving the Monte Carlo and speculation of what he will do was one topic of conversation.
OM Rich asked Jon about one of the “bar bets” from the Scam School Archives, the 11 cent slide is here. Neither of them could remember exactly how to do it. So Shawn got out his laptop, tethered it to his cell phone and the solution was eventually rediscovered. Brian Brushwood has a fun sight and recent news says he will soon be performing at the Magic Castle.
One unexpected result of the internet search, it seems this was OM Rich’s introduction to the magic of the internet. So I’ll wrap up this weeks report with a photo (thanks to Jon) of this momentous occasion.

Hope to see you at a CRAP meeting soon!