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CRAP 6/29/10

Posted in This weeks CRAP on June 30, 2010 by Shawn

Well…. This weeks meeting at Wertheim’s was shortened due to only 3 CRAPPERS. Your humble scribe was delayed due to a traffic accident on Interstate 75. Upon arrival to Wertheim’s, Jewel told me “they left”… it was about 7:45. I had spotted Artie’s Caddy and knew they must not have gone far. Stopping by the magic shop which is only 2 doors from the restaurant I found the AWOL 3 some. Well circumstances had Ron and Dave also stopping by the “shop meeting”. A few tricks were shared, lots of friendly chat, a few experiments with some very strong magnets.
By now you should know the Magic Shop has a new/improved website and a facebook page
check them both out when you get a chance.
Hope to see you at CRAP soon!


Artie & The Magic Shop Need Your Help!!!

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Colonel Kidwell at The Magic Shop

Attention fellow CRAP members & friends. After several months of preparation, Colonel Kidwell has finally thrown the switch turning on  The Magic Shop’s new e-commerce website.

Although we’ve done much site testing it’s difficult to know exactly how the site will behave in all possible circumstances under numerous web browser platforms. This is where you come in. Artie needs your help in testing the new online magic store’s order processing system. If you have a little disposable income, please visit The Magic Shop online store, create an account and place an inexpensive order for $5 or $10. Take notes during the process and report back to Artie so he may identify any issues with the ordering and checkout procedures. We’re looking for any procedural errors and styling issues such as color or layout conflicts. If you don’t want the item shipped choose “Local In-Store Pickup” shipping option and pick it up at the next CRAP meeting on Tuesday. Your assistance and feedback will be greatly appreciated.

In addition to testing the order processing system please take a few moments to provide Artie with what you would consider the top items he should sell at the store. What are the magic effects or supplies you normally purchase from the shop. We’re trying to make sure we have the proper mix of products available for purchase, both standard items as well as one-of-a kind products. Your input would be very helpful.

One final request; SPREAD THE WORD!!! Please get the word out to magicians and others about The Magic Shop’s new online store.

The Magic Shop Neon SignThose of you who have known Colonel Kidwell over the years should be very aware of the extent of his kindness and willingness to help other magicians and performers free of charge. Now is our time to return some of those favors by helping him with this project. In today’s fast-paced world, the corner magic shop is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. There are few magic shops in the southwestern Ohio region, let us make sure that they remain for many years to come.

New customer or old, I invite you to visit The Magic Shop either in person or online and experience a little magic in your life today.

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