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CRAP 9/14/10

Posted in This weeks CRAP on September 15, 2010 by Shawn

Well this weeks CRAP meeting had a surprise guest! In addition to Jeff and Kevin our newest members we also had The Colonel, Mark, Patrick, Dave R, Dennis, OM Rich and Jon. Our special guest was Tim Wright aka Skildini.
Tim is a Chavez graduate during Neil Foster’s reign. He also spent time learning from none other than the immortal Dai Vernon. Tim entertained us with a number of card tricks and flourishes, plus a coin trick or two. He even discussed a little “trick theory” with us about why a couple of the tricks he did would not be as entertaining to a “lay” audience. It was a sincere pleasure having Tim visit with us. It’s great to talk with a successful performer who still enjoys what he does and wants to share his time and talents with other magicians. After Tim left there was still magical CRAP going around, Shawn with some card stuff for new guys Jeff and Kevin. Jon did a six coins across routine. Patrick told us he is back at Kings Island this year for the Halloween season as a carny this time. Patrick also brought a combination brownie and cookie. I think he gave it a crap type name but I like brookies better. Dave and Shawn discussed strolling magic theory. Jeff discussed the number 7 and the ace location in a randomly shuffled deck. Kevin had a bagful of magic stuff including an old deck of Deland cards. I’m sure there was a lot more magic going on the room that I didn’t see because of the discussions I was in, I believe I saw Dave doing “Up the Ante”.
Todd was unable to CRAP this week but he did post a bunch of photos from the recent Oktoberfest weekend in Covington. Fellow CRAPper Spencer first time performing street type magic is well documented in those pics so check them out when you get a chance at Artie’s facebook page.
So until next time may all your CRAP be happy!