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CRAP 10/19/10

Posted in This weeks CRAP on October 20, 2010 by Shawn

Well, CRAP was pretty CRAPpy this week. There was a lively discussion about meatloaf. No, this isn’t the latest packet trick from the fertile mind of our beloved Bill Pryor. This is the “what’s for dinner?” kinda meatloaf. Opinions of the best meatloaf makers were shared by OM Rich and Artie with an occasional opinion expressed by Shawn. This led Sir Patrick to ask about meatloaf, he enjoyed this culinary delight!!! Mmm, this necessitated Artie to make plans to have Bubby at Wertheim’s make his version for CRAP next week.
Jeff had a virtual herd of origami elephants on his table. We learned to have a properly balanced origami elephant, made out of dollar bills, it takes two dollars. Apparently the little rascals tend to be trunk heavy if not made this way. I should tell you Jeff’s elephantine adventure was prefaced by Dave R’s request from our last meeting. This somehow got the discussion about various faces on large bill denominations, $500- $100,000 dollar bills. Artie and Jeff quickly googled our queries into their smart phones and our questions were satiated. But if your curious you’ll have to search google yourself this was a magic meeting, my friends.
Keeping with that thought there was magic aplenty. Kevin showed us some of his newest acquisitions from the Magic Shop . OM Rich was pleased to see Jon H arrive as OM had some new bar bet material to share. Sir Patrick shared a finesse on the cut deeper force he learned from Steve Bargatze. Spencer showed a clever prediction card effect. Shawn gave Jeff some tips on card fanning and the LePaul spread control.
Robert told us about an up coming Rocky Horror Picture Show event he’s involved with. Robert has been involved with the local RHPC scene for a few years now.
The lucky members that went up to the Haines House of Cards to see Mark and Nani Wilson recently shared some of the evenings events.
Well, that ‘s the CRAP for this week, hope to see you at a future evening of CRAP, Tuesdays 7pm at Wertheim’s in Mainstrausse Village, Covington Kentucky.
btw Todd we miss ya!