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CRAP 12/28/10

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CRAP was attended this week Colonel Kidwell, Sir Patrick, Jon, Todd, Jeff, Spencer. Discussions ranged from Sir Patrick contest act, SD cards (secure digital), Mike Woodwards’s holiday party in Lexington to unexpected trips to Toledo! Spencer demonstrated the new deck he won from another clubs meeting. It involved the cards having actual names on the backs and the spectator choosing the name for a card. Well done Mr. Spencer! A few of us retired to The Magic Shop so Jeff could get a couple of things. And afterwards we called it a CRAPpy night and went home.
A few us CRAPpers were able to drive down to Lexington and visit with IBM’s Ring 198 party (the ring that puts on the Unconventional Convention) at the aforementioned Mike Woodwards holiday party. Mike’s basement is a museum of mostly P&L  items. Magical posters adorn the walls and even a large Carter the Great Poster on the ceiling. Mike was very generous to invite our group to his festivities, magic was performed by most in attendance and a good time was had by all. We tried to be on our best behavior, really we did. Jeff did the things he does so well with dollar bills, Spencer did a variety of card, coin and pen stuff. Of course, others shared their magical talents as well, one only had to look around to see a plethora of magic being shared. Thanks for inviting us Mike!


CRAP 12/21/10

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This weeks meeting attendees/crappers were, Artie, Ron, Patrick, Jeff, Todd, Bobby, Robert and his friend Jenna.  Various topics were discussed early evening including Hitler, Charlie Chaplin and silent movies. Patrick made delicious holiday cookies for each of us so as we snacked on those the main focus of the evening became a review of a competition act performance by Sir-Patrick.  This performance was a rehearsal/critique opportunity for his entry at Magi-Fest in January and possibly elsewhere later in the year.  Everyone had a positive reaction to the performance.  Critiques and suggestions opened up a dialogue about routining a show.  All in effort to help our friend.  Too many ideas and suggestions for him to integrate for his upcoming competitions but food for thought.  It was just like these crappers, to ask for advice and then respectfully offer opinions, again trying to help another performer.  We all wish Patrick well in this venture and know he will do his best.   Happy Holidays to one and all.

CRAP for 11/30/10

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Artie at The Magic Shop

Artie at The Magic Shop

Well, CRAP went on for another Tuesday. Artie, Todd Patrick, Jeff, Kevin, Dave R, and Spencer shared a CRAPPY night of magic and camaraderie.

Patrick announced he is registered for Magi-Fest where he is expected to enter his competition act. He performed part of his act recently at the Unconventional Convention in Corbin Kentucky. Reviews were positive, we expect him to do our CRAP group proud. Speaking of the Unconventional Convention, Mike Woodward invited members of our group to his post Christmas party on 12/29 those of you interested should contact Patrick for details. Patrick is also getting ready to start rehearsals for Seussical, playing the magician in the second scene.

Well, that’s all the crap fit to print for this week.

Hope to see you on a CRAPPY Tuesday soon!