CRAP 1/18/2011

The CRAP was flying this past Tuesday evening with a plethora of magical activity. Colonel Kidwell was joined at Wertheim’s by his following of fellow brothers in magic: Jeff Fryman, Patrick Thernes, OMR (old man Rich), Shawn Dion, Victor Phillips, Spencer Malone, Todd Simpson, and two very special appearances by Bill Pryor and Chris Wyllie. Conversations spanned the gamut of performing tips, trick demonstrations, Spencer’s skilled card magic, Cincinnati magic-club politics, Columbus Magi-Fest, promoting/marketing ourselves, our economy, and more.

Rich was kind enough to share a cool little challenge trick using a piece of bottling cork. The object was to hold the cylinder shaped cork about 3 or 4 inches over the table, drop it, and have it land upright on either end. Pretty cool lesson in physics too. Everyone was presented with their very own piece of cork to take home. Thanks Rich!

Bill Pryor stopped by to drop off a supply of his latest magic creation. If you didn’t know it, The Magic Shop stocks about 20 of Professor Pryor’s most popular effects like The Impossible Dream, OOPS, The Puzzled Poker Player, and many more. Bill took the level of our conversations to new heights!  He recounted, with Artie and Pat’s help, details of the IBM/SAM Holiday Banquet that took place Saturday evening. The subject of entertainment that evening stimulated much discussion.

The 80th Annual Magi-Fest is right around the corner and one of our members will be competing in the adult stage competition. Let us all wish Pat good luck and to “break a leg” in the contest. Participating in regional contests like the Magi-Fest is a very good way to widen you magical social network, see and meet fellow performers, learn new stuff, and grow as an entertainer. Hopefully more of our CRAP members will participate in these types of contests in the future.

For those of you that haven’t seen Chris Wyllie in a while, he is alive and well. The rumors of his death have been greatly exaggerated. In fact, he’s doing so well that he is now married and his wife is expecting this August. Congratulations Chris! Did you know that Chris was one of the original members of CRAP and is the man behind LightPowerMagic?

The meeting wrapped up around 10:30pm as we made our individual exits. If you missed the meeting, shame on you. It was a real fun night. Don’t get me wrong, every CRAP meeting is fun. But every once and a while, the night is extra fun. That’s the best way to describe this evening.

Come join us some Tuesday evening and experience the magic of CRAP…


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