CRAP 2/15/11

Well, it was another CRAPpy night in Covington Kentucky.  CRAPpers in attendance included, Colonel Kidwell, Jeff, Todd, OM Rich, Kevin, Spencer, Josh and Amanda.

It was great to see Josh and Amanda back!!!

OM Rich has officially retired from his 37 year career with the US Postal Service.  Talking (read as bit**ing) of his retirement and the GREEN jacket.  Hopefully, once OM Rich gets his retirement issues settled he can focus on learning the magic he wants to do.

Spencer showed a novel card routine that appeared to this writer to be from Aaron Fisher’s Paper Engine.  Very well done Spencer!!!  Jeff showed us a unique “natural breather” revelation he is developing, by squeezing the cards the cards rise, as a kind of double vertical ribbon spread where the spectator can remove their card from the peak.  Jeff is a clever thinker.  Spencer showed Todd a coin and pen routine that has some very surprising transformations. Shawn, Jeff and OM Rich discussed forcing.

Shawn claimed he was reading a book he “just couldn’t put down”, he said it was about …”Anti-Gravity“.  The group allowed Shawn to stay, because this is CRAP, the magic club with no dues, no hierarchy, no organization and no rules.  Hopefully, sometime soon, you’ll be in the area some Tuesday night and stop in Wertheim’s to share a CRAPpy night with us.

Thanks for stopping by our blog.

Until next week, may all your crap be happy crap.


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