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CRAP 3/8/11

Posted in Uncategorized on March 10, 2011 by Shawn

CRAP was a little CRAPpy this week. We had a new waitress named Kristi at Wertheim’s this week. She eventually stopped by to ask to see a card trick. I suspect she thought her co-workers were messing with her but… Shawn got appointed to demonstrate a couple of card tricks that we all really are magicians. She seemed pleasantly surprised.
Members this week included Colonel Kidwell, Sir Patrick, Victor, OM Rich, Jeff, Jon H and Shawn. Todd posted on our facebook page that he would be absent due to transmission issues. There were a some business discussions mostly between Shawn and Victor.
Victor told a tale of roofing shingle issues that you had to be there to appreciate his story telling abilities.

Sir Patrick shared his special effect work for the upcoming Wizard of OZ play is coming along well. he also announced Mr. Woodward has invited any CRAPpers that would like to a Lexington magic club meeting this Sunday are invited. It appears Patrick and Jeff will be going, so if your interested in tagging along contact Patrick.

Patrick also mentioned Duane Laughlin will be lecturing at this Friday’s SAM meeting.

Not a lot of CRAP this week, but sometimes it’s like that. Till next time…


CRAP 3/2/11

Posted in This weeks CRAP on March 3, 2011 by Shawn

Let’s see this week’s CRAPpers were the Colonel Kidwell,  OM Rich ,Jeff,  Patrick, Victor, Dave, Chris and Shawn (your humble scribe).  Shawn showed OM Rich the Elevator Card Trick as requested tipping the handling for those that wish to do this trick.  After a wide variety discussions including Chris’s position with a bar-tending school and his nano brewery.  Chris shared an interesting story about a recent graduate’s tenacity to get a particular bar tending job.

Patrick gave a report on a recent lecture given.  Overall, a positive report.

Todd showed off his nearly straight pinky finger.  Todd damaged some of the tendons in his pinky causing it to gradually curl up.  Eventually,  Todd saw the doctor and has had to undergo a series of “casts” to re-straighten the pinky.

OM Rich showed the “green jacket” that he has complained about for the last few week.  Some of us have come to realize OM isn’t happy unless he’s complaining about something!

But, then the magic started to really happen.  Victor appeared to be ready to show a card trick.  He showed a clever card trick where the freely selected card was the only card with the word YES on the back.  The rest of the deck all said NO.  Victor then proceeded to entertain the group with a variety of  magic tricks.  Ranging from a trick with an Oreo cookie to one with a psychic cockroach.  Victor’s delivery was spot on with lots of lines and bits of business that were hilarious!  Well done Victor, well done!  One of the tricks Victor did involved a half dollar and a washer, by tricks end the half dollar changed to a penny.  Victor commented he likes the trick but is still working on a routine/story to make it more entertaining.  He challenged Shawn to create a routine on the spot.  After a few minutes Shawn changed the routine to more of a transportation.  I will leave it to those present to opine to the quality of the routine.

Dave R. then proceeded to open his case-o-tricks and shared a few gems from his large repertoire. Playing cards turned to money, five dollar bills turned into a large bill (big money) Dave always does a great job making his tricks entertaining!!!

So, that’s all the CRAP and nothing but the CRAP, for this week.  Hope to see you at our meeting soon .   Stop by Wertheim’s in Covington Kentucky any Tuesday night around 7 ish you’ll find this  group of magicians sharing our magic.   Any questions call The Magic Shop 859.491-1313.