CRAP 4/26/11

This weeks CRAP meeting was held in the outside dining area of Wertheim’s. Like most of the mid-west we’ve endured days of rain and since we had a brief break in the weather it was nice to be outside. This weeks CRAPpers included Jeff, Patrick,Kevin, Spencer, Jon & John. There were discussions of internet videos including one about a frog and a monkey, viewed on Kevin’s phone, words cannot describe… A fair amount of sharing, at times our CRAP group doubles as a support group where things are discussed just to help each other.

It was great to see John S. back at a CRAP meeting, it seems his job as in IT has him traveling extensively. He just returned from a 9 weeks on the road.
Patrick and a few of us are looking forward to the Louisville Magic show which has Mac King and Dirk Losander starring with a yet unannounced special guest. Patrick got our tickets early and we’re gonna be in the front row!
Shawn shared stories of meeting Mac King when he did a lecture at Brewe’s Magic Shop and a show at the local Funny Bone around 1991. Shawn commented on down to earth Mac seemed. Shawn shared how the manager of the Funny Bone sent him Mac’s advertising materials because Shawn wrote a letter praising Mac’s performance.
All in all it was a good night to be a CRAPper and we look forward to seeing you at an upcoming meeting!!!


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