CRAP 5/10/11

This week CRAPpers included Bill Pryor, Jeff, Patrick, Rick G, OM Rich, Joh H, Dave and Dennis.  There was also a visitor from Johnson City TN.  Cliff stopped by The Magic Shop earlier in the day and spent a couple of hours hanging out with our group.

Plans were also discussed for the coming Maifest in Covington, the first festival of the season.   Dave R has agreed to demo magic goods in the lawn in front of The Magic Shop.  Come to Maifest and and watch Dave do some magic.

Of course there will be street magicians performing through out the festival too!!!

Bill P and Cliff discuss magical things as OM Rich and Jon work on "bar bets.

Patrick, Rick G, Jeff F, Bill P and Cliff

A few of us are heading to Lousiville Sunday to see The Magic and the Wonder 2011 looking forward to seeing a great show!

Dave R and Dennis M

Well, that’s all the CRAP and nothing but the CRAP for this week!!!


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